4 Ways To Feel Better When You Have To Cut A Tree Down

Just because you love trees and believe in their value doesn't mean you'll never have to make the decision to cut one down. There are plenty of valid reasons for taking down a tree in your yard, but even when you know it's the safest, smartest decision it can still make you feel awful. It can be difficult for avowed tree lovers to see a beloved tree removed and to look at the empty space where it once stood, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to feel better and to demonstrate your love for trees.  

1. Plant another.

If you have to cut it down because of its locations or if it's potentially dangerous, simply plant another one. The good news is that if you're removing it because it's too close to power lines or breaking up the sidewalk, you now have the advantage of planning a better location for the new tree. If it's old, storm damaged or has a disease, planting a younger, healthier tree or disease-resistant species can give you more years to enjoy the new tree. While it will take some time to grow, you can feel better knowing that proper planning will probably help the tree live longer.

2. Buy a tree for someone else.

If a neighbor, friend or relative admires your new tree and laments the loss of your old one, why not buy one just like it for them? Not only is it a nice gesture, but you'll feel better for having "planted" another tree and making your neighborhood greener.

3. Join your local tree board or nature committee.

Many municipalities and neighborhoods solicit volunteer members for their tree management boards. These residents take charge of the trees in public places, educate the public and plan future tree planting and maintenance.  You'll be an advocate for trees and for proper tree management to make sure there are always plenty of trees around.

4. Donate to an organization that plants trees.

Charitable organizations that plant, give away or care for trees rely on contributions to continue their missions. Your donation can help provide trees for neighborhoods or communities that desperately need them. It can also help educate people about the benefits of trees, conserve rare species or protect forested lands from development.

Whether your tree has to come down because it was damaged in a storm, is the victim of a blight or is simply growing in the wrong spot, it can be hard to cope with its absence. However, tree removal can sometimes be a catalyst for good by making people aware of the need to choose the right species and locations. Ask your tree service about the hardiest trees for your area and the best spots to plant them. If you can't plant a replacement, you can promote tree planting by getting involved with your community's tree commission or with tree-related charities to help you feel better after losing a tree. If you want more information, contact a company like Turgeon Tree Removal.